Born in Buenos Aires on February 20/2/1979. Abandons the idea of ​​the university degree for a risky path of passionate self-learning (endless trail): 2003 – Worked in Textile Graphic Design at Kosiuko. 005 – 1st Mention Heineken Inspire Contest Vol 1. 2007 – Puma contest winner Toy Fridge V.1.0. 2008 – Selected 3rd Salon of Contemporary Art in San Isidro. 2008 – 2009 – Painting Workshop with Claudia Ligorria 2008 – Mention in the XV Spring Exhibition of San Fernando. 2009 – Finalist in Lee ‘Make History Photography Contest. 2010 – Lighting Course at Centro Cultural Rojas. 2010 – Selected Photography, Contest “Art and breast cancer” Diagnostico Maipú Foundation. 2010 – Fashion Photography course in Espacio Buenos Aires .Worked in Textile Graphic Design at Wanama  2013 – Painting Workshop with Paula Bladimirsquy. Selected painting in Saatchi Art collection. Selected painting Arte joven San Isidro 2013 .